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"Team Concept is top of its class. Bethany, Roger, and the office team (including Rocco and Tula :)) are welcoming, friendly, and accommodating. When I was prescribed PT after knee surgery I was dreading having to fit it into my schedule....that all changed the first time I walked into Team Concept. Bethany makes you feel right at home and challenges you to do your best. I went from thinking there's no way I'll be able to do "that" to running on the treadmill. Great job and thank you!"
May 19, 2018
"After having knee replacement surgery, I searched for the perfect fit for my physical therapy. I went and looked at 5 different places and when I walked into Team Concept, I was greeted by Bethany with her sweet smile and genuine desire to have me as her patient. I knew this was the place for me. The drive and push with encouragement is all that I received every time I was there. I looked forward to going and knew with confidence they would help me get the range I needed. I am having my second knee replaced in June and without a doubt, I will be back at Team Concept. Bethany, Roger and office staff, you are the absolute best!!!"
Apr 09, 2018
"I was thankful to find this place. Within a month of a half of twice a week visits; Roger and his team helped me transition from my knee surgery of not being able to bend my knee, to running on a treadmill. The staff is kind and friendly and knows how to push you without over doing it. Their positive attitudes make it easy to push yourself during rehab. Thanks again."
Mar 29, 2018
"After 2 shoulder surgeries in 2 months & over 30 visits to Team Concept, I’m happy to share that Roger & his staff were more than knowledgeable & professional - I truly felt as though I had a team supporting me & cheering me on through the entire process. I completed my rehab ahead of schedule, got full range of motion back & my shoulder feels better than it has in years. I’m thankful I found them!"
Feb 08, 2018

I couldn’t put any weight on my foot without a lot of pain, which made it impossible to drive or chase my kids. It’s hard to believe the difference a month at Team Concept made. Thanks so much for helping me, encouraging me, and being exactly what I needed!

– Jennifer F.

My experience here has been amazing and has made a difference in my dancing. Thank you for everything you have done. I’ve truly enjoyed my experience here.

– Sara W.

Roger and the team understand and take the time to help.

– Joe W.

I loved doing my PT here and would recommend it to anyone. Bethany is great!

– Morgan W.

I was concerned about the range of motion of my shoulder after surgery…No worries after working with Bethany! I now have full range of motion and it is stronger than ever!

-Larry S.

The atmosphere at Team Concept is very positive, professional, and fun while still focusing on success for all.

-Baker F.

I really dreaded having to do physical therapy, but my experience here was wonderful

-Debra D.

Bethany was excellent in showing me the proper way to do the exercises, monitoring and changing my program to make my therapy program successful.

– Linda R.

I am so thankful for the team at Team Concept!

-Carol S.

Bethany and Roger are welcoming, friendly, and supportive from the first time you walk through the door.

-Meagan B.